AYUDA for the Arts proud to announce that Mr. Bernard Purdie has joined our Board of Directors.  You may know Bernard “Pretty” Purdie as the esteemed percussionist and prolific drummer.  Mr. Purdie is the world’s most recorded drummer, having been on over 4,000 recordings over the past 50+ years.

Bernard Purdie

See our Scholarship section for a special scholarship competition this year.


In addition, we are happy to announce the elevation of Nathalie Lascarro to the position of Vice-President and Mayelin Nolasco, former scholarship recipient, has taken the position of Secretary.  Let us welcome them and their enthusiasm to the executive board of AYUDA for the Arts.

Also, keep looking out for our Fall Event, expected to be held at the Copacabana.

And let me know your thoughts.  info@AyudaArts.org 


Jim Taratunio

President, Board of Directors

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